Brand Listening

A brand functions as a multiplier. It generates desire and differentiation
and motivates buyers to pay more for your products than they might otherwise

Listen for positive, negative, neutral
mentions of your brand
Listen for direct and indirect
questions from customers
Discover brand influencers,
advocates and detractors
Learn where customers are
talking about your brand and
which is the most popular
topic around it
Listen for mentions
of executive team
Listen for mentions
of product misuse

Identify key attributes for your brand with Naroclips

Brand strength
the likelihood that your company is being discussed in social media

the ratio of positive to negative remarks

the likelihood that individuals talking about your company will do so repeatedly

the measure of your influence

Learn the top keywords, users, hashtags and sources as well

Brand is a "customer-centric" concept... brand is about relevancy and differentiation

Discover and eventually react to the different sentiments that you and your competitors brand are experiencing

See the power of real-time listening in action