Imediate access and analysis of real time publicity created

Billion of social media
conversations & posts
Sentiment analysis (Positive/ Negative
topic reference, Content Tone, Emotion) in
over 200+ languages
Filtering by region, language,
conversation source, author
or other metadata elements

Ideal for Governmental Organisation of any type and size

Issue management

Issues-based listening & monitoring can help government bodies pinpoint which specific issues should be prioritized according to public opinion.

Reputation management

Identify top positive and negative influencers and act accordingly.

Risk management

Analyse collected information and
create strategies surrounding
potential risks.

Disaster management

Disaster management is propably the most highly publicised domain
where social media listening can play an important role

Emergency management

Generate alerts by listening to social
media and detecting potential

Community developing

Provide informational and emotion support during and after disaster

Disaster risk reduction

It can be used by providing
information about disaster risks

See the power of real-time listening in action