Competitive Analysis

Analyze content

  • Written in 200+ languages (any language or dialect in the world)
  • With advanced automated noise removal

Analytic tools

  • Emotions, key influencers and a variety of demographic data.
  • Automated sentiment in 200+ languages for texts
  • 4 specific sections, with numerous of graphs and real time analysis of information: brand listening, detecting crisis, ongoing crisis, top influencers.
  • Information is segmented by a number of different attributes; such as source type, language, region, country, date.
  • Information is further segmented by source (collection) channel (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Portals)

Naroclips turns in-depth analytics into actionable data.

Measure and understand social metrics with Naroclips advanced analytics. Stay-up-to-date on what's trending online and stay on top of the competition.

Compare, combine, or analyze sentiment trends for your social media mentions and keyword searches to get an in-depth understanding of the ongoing conversation.